"People want Jokowi President" Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle excel in various polling stations in Jakarta

Jakarta, 9 April 2014 , the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle excel in various polling stations in Jakarta , author intentionally monitor polling stations were at 5 years ago this polling stations put Democratic Party of Struggle In order under the Social Justice Party and the Democratic Party , the Party of Unity development . Voting Results on April 9, 2014 to the Village South Petukangan South Jakarta , South Jakarta Subdistrict Houses polling stations 35 , 36 polling stations , polling stations 37 , the average number of voters 353 people with the sequence Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , Indonesia Movement Party highway , the United Development Party , the Social Justice Party , the Democratic Party . The number of voters Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle average of 55 people . Democrats and Social Justice Party winning in the last 5 years in the region this year ranked at the top in this year's election freefall position was replaced by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , Gerindra Party , the United Development Party . Writers continue to monitor the area of Tangerang Regency , Banten Province would like to see the impact of the effect of the former Governor of Banten ATUT and WAWAN to their constituents who are currently in prison for corruption , deliberately chose Prohibition Lovely Complex in because of the level of intellect and understanding of public policy in this area is quite good society consists of professionals and businessmen . Elections in 31 polling stations no prohibition Lovely Complex begins at 7 am and finish at 11:30 the night of vote counting . results are as follows : The number 31 Voting Prohibition Lovely Complex Tangerang Banten District House of Representatives District : 1 . Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle gained : 61 votes 2 . Gerindra gained 53 votes , 3 . Social Justice Party gained 32 votes , 4 . Development Party gained 17 votes , 5 . Democratic Party ( Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's party) gain : 14 votes, 6 . Democratic National Party gained 12 votes 7 . Nsional mempeoleh PAN : 12 voices 8 . Golokan work : 11 votes 9 . Party National Awakening : 7 votes , 10 . Crescent Star Party : 6 votes , 11 . Conscience Party People : 2 votes 12 . Indonesian Unity party of Justice : 1 sound and the sound Invalid: 12 ( accidentally punched a lot of parties ) , polling stations number Lovely complex 31 Prohibition Banten Tangerang Regency Legislative Council at the Provincial Level : 1 . Indonesian Democratic Party of struggle : 59 voices , 2 . Gerindra : 53 voices , 3 . Party of Social Justice : 27 voices , 4 . PPH : 19 People 5 . Democrats : 10 People 6 . Nasdem : 11 People 7 . PAN : 15 People 8 . Golkar : 12 People 9 . PKB : 10 People 10 . UN : 11 People 11 . HANURA : 3 people 12 . PKPI : 1 Unauthorized person : 10 people ( accidentally punched bbrp party ) Calculation results at polling stations in the region remains a top placing PDIP diurutan . and discussion of the work of the author with the voters until late at night around the residents want change or a massive restoration after ATUT power since the New Order, a small portrait of the entire face of our shattered archipelago of corruption cases to local governance is expected that the legislative shambles chosen is the right person to carry out this pambaruan program , the number of voters who cast their party only just illustrates that the public does not know well their representatives in Parliament / House of Representatives this homework ( homework ) for political education in our country should not be political era imagery Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono , the only familiar figure Yudhoyono just do not know the track record of their representatives so well that when they sit in the House of Representatives no longer think of their constituents . There is a saying that says the Indonesian people because they do not know it is not love . Of this phenomenon is the big party party should reevaluate their representatives who sit not to repeat the same mistakes this time . People smart enough proven in this region there Incumben candidates of the Democratic Party but people do not choose to not sit back in the chair of honor and the soft . The selection takes place here is safe, orderly and controlled although quite tiring to forget the dinner said Bp . Bambang AR . committee committee Voting in polling stations number 3 . ( Thony )


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