Wajahnusantaraku 25 January 2014 Exempting Tax on Corporate Dividends to Encourage Investment in IndonesiaThe government plans to exempt corporate dividends that are being reinvested in Indonesia from being taxed, as part of the country’s efforts to encourage more foreign investment in the country.

New Homes Planned for Mount Sinabung’s DisplacedThe government will relocate people who live on the slope of Mount Sinabung away from the volcano and build permanent houses for them, following recent spews of ash that has blanketed the nearby landscape in grey.

Gerindra Challenges Delay of Constitutional Court RulingA landmark ruling by the Constitutional Court that effectively opens the 20 19 presidential race to all eligible parties, regardless of their numbers in the House of Representatives, was slammed on Friday by presidential hopeful Prabowo Subianto’s political party as not going far enough.

Indonesian Banks’ Profit Growth Slows Amid High Borrowing CostsProfit at 120 commercial banks in Indonesia grew at a slower pace in the January-November period of last year, as they coped with the higher cost of funds amid rising interest rates.

Disappointed Simon Santoso Quits From CampAfter twice failing to meet targets set by the Indonesia Badminton Association at the Superseries events in Korea and Malaysia, shuttler Simon Santoso decided to quit the national training camp.

Indonesia’s Student Doctors Aiding the PoorA movement has grown to involve students studying medicine, pharmacy as well as economics and engineering, providing poor people with not only acces s to health care but also counseling, coaching, and much more.

United Nations Calls for Probe on Rohingya KillingsThe United Nations has called on Myanmar to investigate reports that dozens of men, women and children were killed in attacks on Rohingya Muslims with the alleged involvement of police


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