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Indonesians Left to Count the Cost of Widespread Floodinghe climate agency has rejected statements by Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo saying that the flooding in Jakarta had been caused by natural factors such as high volumes of rainfall.

Weather Agency Warns of More Rain in Jakarta in Coming WeekHeavy rains throughout the Greater Jakarta area left parts of the metropolis flooded on Sunday, displacing tens of thousands of residents as water levels reached critical levels at several flood gates on Saturday evening.

Death Toll From North Sulawesi Flooding, Landslides Tops 18, as Heavy Rains Wreak Havoc Throughout IndonesiaAt least 18 people are confirmed to have died and more remain missing and feared dead following flash floods and landslides in North Sulawesi last week, officials say.

Little Respite Found Away From Erupting Mt. SinabungBeru Sembiring fled his home on the slopes of the erupting Mount Sinabung weeks ago because he was told the high level of volcanic ash in the air posed a serious threat to his health. At the government-run shelter where he now stays, t he ash still hangs heavy in the air outside, while inside the poorly ventilated building the air is stale and laden spores that have already sparked an outbreak of respiratory tract infections among some of the thousands of people crammed together here.

Asian Stocks Fall After China Economic Data; Nintendo DeclinesAsian stocks fell after China’s economic growth slowed in the fourth quarter as gains in factory output and investment spending eased.

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Rise in Thai Teen Pregnanc iesDays away from giving birth and living apart from her family, 16-year-old Ying is one of a growing number of Thai teenagers to become pregnant every year in a country where sex education is focused on the married.

Japan Cuts Some Distance From Its Military DaysIn a move that promises to further raise geopolitical tensions in the region, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made a high-profile visit to the Yasukuni Shrine associated with 14 Class-A war criminals and dedicated to 2.5 million soldiers from the Japanese Imperial era.

Protesters Clash With Police at Large Ukraine RallyProtesters clashed with riot police in the Ukrainian capital on Sunday after tough anti-protest legislation, which the political opposition says paves the way for a police state, was rushed through parliament last week.

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