CHRONOLOGY OF BUILDING land grabbing and Mrs NETTY Boru  SAMOSIRCovering an area : 2022M2 IN JL SEI - KAMBING - B , MEDAN NORTH SUMATRA  INDONESIAWajahNusantaraku , Jakarta December 8, 2013.Here is the true story of a mother's struggle for justice 78 year old who does not go completely how bad the state bureaucracy in Indonesia , mental decay, seizing the property of others can be justified by the State , the authorities also oppresses its people , there are many real stories in the Republic Indonesia , let's together we annihilated them .On December 14, 1972 , Mrs. Netty Br . Samosir buying land and building area of ​​2022M2 in Jl . Sei Goat B of Sumatra Moehammd Thabri Marzoeki ( copy attached ) , and has a land base they will be girik No. : 11282/A/I/14 date of August 21, 1973 issued by the Deli Serdang district head ( copy attached ) .In October 1973 Mrs . Netty Br . Samosir  was no longer in Medan North Sumatra but have been living in Jakarta following the husband who worked at Pertamina since transferred to Jakarta .Ny . Netty Br . Naidoo there has an older brother named Christina Br . Samosir and had a husband named Japar Sitorus who in 1973 was in the field and do not have a home and a steady job , because then Mrs. compassion . Netty Br . Samosir  gave a ride home and land on his brother until the family TSB usual self , need to be submitted also that PPB remains on paid his brother on his biological sister as well as the cost of the lives of the next day .In the Month of July 2004 Ny older sibling . Netty Br . Samosir is Christina Br . Samosir died , Mrs. Netty  Samosir and his son Bambang Suhartiny AR mourn the late Christina Br . Samosir state land and buildings are still as they are no changes to the land and the building , on occasion it has begun to sound the ground touts hanging around because 50m2 of ground locations will be built highway arteries to the Acehnese .On March 25, 2009 Japar husband Sitorus Christina Alm Br . Naidoo died .That from January 2005 through the filing of a lawsuit to the PN field , Mrs. Netty Br Samosir  terrain to repeatedly ask the peace that Br. Dervish Sitorus children late Christina Br . Samosir handed over land and building houses on them that belonged to Mrs . Netty Br . Samosir to be submitted daolam good condition and empty in Br . Dervish Sitorus ( Defendant ) but the defendant did not heed it even has transformed the house belonging to Mrs. building . Netty Boru Samosir by adding buildings or houses they will have expanded this was done without permission from the owner .In December 2006, Mrs. Netty Br . Naidoo sent his son Anthony M.Er to Medan , meet with staff BPN named Bp . Doly Hutagalung , according to the narrative of Br . Doly Hutagalung , an application for a certificate of the land and no one has filed a certificate An undertakes to take care of . Ny . Netty Br .Samosir  , he requested funds Rp.6.000.000 , - and as a down payment for the cost measure is given by Br . Anthony M.ER of Rp.2.000.000 , - ( Copy attached )BPN Deli Serdang District of North Sumatra issued a certificate ASPHALT ( Medan District Police confiscated Warkah ) No.2189/Kec . Seikambing B/2006 date 09-02-2006 and Image Measure ( GU ) No.4452/2005 date 20-10-2005 in the name Dervish Manogar Sitorus ( This person entered the land mafia network within Greater Jakarta )Remedies that have been done :Police  Report No. : LP/2035/VIII/2009/Tabes.MS ( attached ) , no calling and examination of criminal perpetrators .· Claims Court through Medan, Medan No: 137/Pdt.G/2009/PN.Mdn , result lawsuit was unacceptable Judge Mayawati chairman Rachmawati SH , SH lawyer Hennry Sitompul bribery suspect that there is a game within this decision . ( Copy of funds amounting to 30,000,000 ) recognition by the judge at the request of lawyersComplaints to the Judicial Mafia Eradication Task Force : No.374/TL-SG-PMH/V/2011 , signed by Bp . P. Kuntoro results are not clear , but these institutions in the form of the president to clean up the legal mafia , bureaucrats who always oppress the people , but on the field there is no single state apparatus obedient and fearful at this institution· Application We thru lawyers to block Seritipakat Asphalt has been no realization of BPN Center . ( Big Family Mrs . Netty Boru Samosir)


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